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Digital Citizenship

Teaching appropriate online use has moved away from the scare tactics of "Internet safety and online predators" and is moving towards more of a Digital Citizen mentality.   All of us now hold dual citizenship, one in the real world in which we live, and the other in the virtual world in which we visit (well, sadly, some people spend way too much time in this online world...)  The International Society for Technology in Education has stated that “teaching digital well-being doesn’t mean providing students with a list of don’ts. It’s about the do’s – modeling and practicing skills that...

digital citizenship, digital literacy, Internet safety, Online safety

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Fall 2023 Professional Development Courses

Fall Online PD Courses taught by CUES Join us online this fall for any or all of the 6-week courses found below.  These are great "learn today, use tomorrow" courses that can be used for learning content knowledge, growing your Personal Learning Networks, relicensure hours, or even SUU graduate credit (to be used towards lane change).  Earn 1USBE or 1 SUU graduate credit for each course completion.  All courses are free.  Register for courses on the CUES Canvas Catalog page. About Developing Digital Detectives Today’s complex information landscape requires learners of...

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Bullying Resources

Below are some fabulous resources on bullying that can be used for staff training, student learning, or even for sharing with parents.   UEN eMedia: 45 anti-bully resources (School Counseling eMedia Hub) Nearpod Nearpod Social Emotional Learning Nearpod Fostering Emotional Health Lessons Nearpod Life Skills/ Promoting Inclusion Lessons Nearpod or Common Sense Education- Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech  (2021 Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence- ALL)-  Clint Stephens resource page Pause & Think Online  - Nearpod or Common Sense Education How...

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Portable Planetarium

We are pleased to announce that we are the recipients of a grant from the Utah STEM Action Center to purchase a Digitalis Digitarium portable planetarium system which will be added to our checkout inventory.  Thank you STEM Action Center!  We would also like to thank the community donations from Barney Trucking, Garkane Power, State Bank of Southern Utah, and Zion's Bank.  The generosity of these entities will enable us to literally bring the universe to our regional schools!  Be on the lookout for more information as to when this will be made available.  Reach...

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