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Virtual Conference

On June 2, 2020, we had over 270 regional educators join us for 4 hours of virtual professional development.  Mike Roberts (@BaldRoberts) started off the morning with his "10 Teacher Traits that Superheroes Emulate" Keynote address.  Following him, attendees were able to choose to 'attend' from 12 different breakout sessions each hour.  We received great feedback about the conference, and it is definitely something we will look at offering to our regional again.
The good news, most of the sessions were recorded!  You can access recordings through the 'Videos' tab on our website (under Training, and be sure to scroll down to the 'teachers' link at the bottom of the page).  In addition, find the recording links and session resources on this document, or continue below for any individual links.
Session Title Session Description Presenter Recording Link Session Resources
"I Got This!" Empowering Students with Positive Behavior Skills Before students can effectively learn academic content, they must become adept with the how's of learning, beginning with appropriate classroom behavior. The students we teach today are not those of years gone by, but many of our classroom management strategies and behavior intervention tools are. Learn how to empower students with the skills they need to behave in ways that will allow them, and their classmates, to get the most from classroom learning time, without having to resort to threats, rewards, or punishments. Harmony Langford Link to Recording Handout Link
10 Teacher Traits that Superheroes Emulate For years, it’s been said that teachers are real-life superheroes. Look, I get where this concept is coming from, but after 20+ years in the classroom, I think whoever came up with that saying had it backward. Teachers aren’t like superheroes...Superheroes are like teachers! This high-energy presentation will look at ten of your favorite superheroes and explain the teacher-traits that each of them emulates. By the end of this session, you’ll start to realize that many of the traits that you admire about your favorite superheroes also lie within you. Mike Roberts (Keynote) Keynote Recording Slide Deck
An Overview of the New Title IX Regulations Now that the US Department of Education has released the new Title IX regulations, districts and schools have many questions regarding expectations under these new laws. In this session, we will go over the basics of the new Title IX regulations and discuss what will be expected of LEAs as we move into the 2020-2021 school year. Holly Bell Link to recording PowerPoint is uploaded in Sched
Basic Principles of Student Misbehavior Gain an understanding of the basic principles student’s misbehavior, and how to avoid the common pitfalls of behavior management that we all make. Learn how to identify what is triggering your student's misbehavior, what the behavior is trying to accomplish, and the importance of effective reinforcement. In many situations, we inadvertently reinforce undesirable behaviors because we do not understand what is motivating that behavior. Learn effective classroom management strategies and how to increase your student’s positive behavior. Lauren Ezzell Principles of Student Misbehavior - Recording Powerpoint and other helpful resources
Better than Google: Utah's Online Library This session is designed to help K-12 teachers and library media specialists effectively use the wealth of information resources in Utah's Online Library to improve and enhance student research. The session guides participants through using online databases through each step of the research process. Participants will learn how to use research tools to cite, gather, organize, and collaborate on their research. Dani Sloan Recording Link
Canvas in the K5 Classroom In this session, elements of organization, communication, assignments, and grades in Canvas will be addressed in regards to how this tool can be productively used to blend your K5 classroom and use technology to engage students and increase learning. Shannon Ririe Recording Link LINK
Canvas: Intermediate Level Canvas something? Mastery pathways, rubrics, objectives (standards), other intermediate level items. Or are these advanced? I have no clue. Kate Carney Link  
Classroom Management & Leadership in the English Classroom This presentation will demonstrate little things that can be done in the English classroom for better management and teaching effective leadership skills from teacher to student. Susan Hatch Recording Powerpoint Link
Create and Share Presentations and Demos Presenting information in compelling ways is even more important when you’re not able to be face-to-face with your students. In this video, we’ll show you how to use iPad built-in features to create demos and instructional videos and share them with your colleagues and students. Using Keynote, or any presentation tool, you’ll learn how to record content and create demos on the iPad for use with your students. Paulo Braganholo   Resources
Create Engaging Videos with Clips Clips is a free app that lets educators and students easily create and share fun and engaging videos. We’ll show you how educators can use Clips to create instructional videos for exploring new skills and ideas — and how students can make videos to share what they’ve learned. Paulo Braganholo   Resources
Creating Virtual Escape Rooms We will be using Google forms, slides, and Canva to build task cards and a virtual escape room. This is a beginner's course! We will start with Google slides build task cards that will work with any subject. From there, we will move to build a virtual escape room with google slides and forms. With a bit of good luck, you may have an escape room to use in your classroom! Marilee Larsen   presentation Slide Deck
Cybersecurity Basics Cybercrime is estimated to cost upwards of $6 trillion by 2021. This makes hacking a more profitable industry than the global illegal drug trade. But how? Well, that same report states that more than 90% of successful attacks are the result of a break in the weakest link in any organization: US! The users. Bad passwords, password re-use, falling victim to phishing and other scams, etc. We will go into detail on current trends, what to watch for, how to protect yourself, and I'll even show you some tools to help you along the way. Gavin Anderson NO RECORDING  
Easy Ways to Intensify Any Instruction at Any Level I will introduce two research papers that outline ways to Intensify instruction at any level of intervention. The first paper will is To Change the Things I Can: Making Instruction more Intensive (Reed & Stevenson, 2017). The second form of information comes from an article in the Journal TEACHING, Exceptional Children, Titled Big Ideas In Special Education Specifically Designed Instruction, High Leveraged Practice, Explicit Instruction, and Intensified Instruction by Paul J. Riccomini, Stephanie Morano, and Charles A. Hughes. I will present the information from the articles and then discusses how we can implement this useful information. Sheryl Vernon NO RECORDING  
Engage All Students Anywhere with Nearpod Student Paced Lessons Nearpod is a powerful engaging lesson delivery system in the classroom, but how do you use it when you're forced to teach remotely? In this session, we will cover the basics of finding and launching a Nearpod lesson while also covering some easy ways to use it beyond the classroom. Michael Hakkarinen Recording Link Resources
Engaging eLearning for K-2 Students Remote teaching and learning can be challenging for teachers, parents, and students alike, but the younger the student, the greater challenge of keeping this type of learning both meaningful and engaging. This session will give participants a glimpse into how one kindergarten teacher utilized the state-licensed Canvas platform to connect with her students and support them in progressing with their learning despite the inherent difficulties of distance learning. Harmony Langford Recording Link Handout Link
Engaging Online Discussions In this session, we will look at the benefits of online discussions, problems that arise in an online setting, and fixes for making engaging online discussions. There will be examples given as well. We will be using Canvas discussions, but the principles can be used for any online discussion format. Jared Fawson    
Flipgrid Fun! Fun and simple ideas to integrate flipgrid into your elementary classroom. Examples of using flipgrid for lessons on Pumpkins, Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, and everyday activities. We will also introduce a little app smashing! Sally James and Kami Gass Flipgrid Fun! Resource Link
Flipping Your Classroom Effectively In this session, we will share some strategies for effective blended learning. Flipping is more than simply putting your content online and we'll explore best practices for engaging students, creating content, and blending in-person with online instruction. Jared Covili Session Recording
**Password needed to view this session: 8X*?X.!?
Gettin' Groovy with Google There is no doubt that Google has some fantastic resources to help us with productivity. But are you aware of some of the other awesome groovy googly tools that may or may not tend to suck your time away? In this session, you'll be introduced to some practical google tips and tricks, as well as be introduced to some fun, lesser-known 'resources' from Google such as Google Feud, Geoguesser, Game of the Year, Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego, Autodraw, and Quickdraw. We'll also get some laughs from some Google Easter Eggs, Google April Fools Jokes, as well as explore our faces with famous pieces of art. Brandon Harrison Session Recording
(The microphone was muted until 1:08. Go, me!)
Resource Link
Google and Its Possibilities for Those Who Don't Know! I will teach about how to use Google Docs and Slides to create amazingly easy ways to keep things fun and organized, while not redoing everything every year! I will also teach you how to easily upload your items to CANVAS for a carefree year of bliss, happiness, and less time on the computer and more time taking walks in the evenings! Becca Proper Recording of presentation  
Help Students Build a Digital Toolbox I am sharing 6 of my favorite digital tools, how I use them with course content, and how to turn the finished products in on Canvas. This presentation will provide you with ideas on how you can use these tools to help students become digitally literate. Tara Daniels Recording Link LINK
Inspire, Create, and Engage with Adobe Creative Tools Learn how Adobe creative tools like Spark, Character Animator, and Rush can empower you and your students to create inspiring and engaging digital content. You'll see how to begin creating narrated slideshows, webpages, digital movies, and animated characters. Adobe Spark can run on Chromebooks, but Character Animator and Rush do not. Rob Bentley Recording Link Resources
Leveraging Mathematics Software to Enhance Effective Instruction This session will present a document called “Effective Practices in K-12 Mathematics Software.” Utah State Board of Education specialists and Stem Action Center team have joined to compile a list of effective practices when using K-12 math software. Participants will learn what effective practices look like, get some ideas of how to incorporate them in their practice, and anticipate barriers and strategies for implementation. The software that was studied was: ALEKS, Imagine Math, i-Ready, Math Space, and ST Math Melanie Durfee NO RECORDING RESOURCES
Making Movies in Elementary In this session, participants will learn how to make movies with elementary age students using Stop Motion Studio and Adobe Spark Video. We'll also take a look at best practices for pre-production planning and low-cost options for tripods and sound studios. Jami Gardner Recording Link
Mathematical Discourse in the Elementary Classroom Effective teaching of mathematics facilitates discourse among students to build a shared understanding of mathematical ideas by analyzing and comparing student approaches and arguments. In this session, educators will engage in a mathematical task with discourse, debrief the experience, and explore resources related to mathematical discourse. They will also have opportunities to discuss current and future practices implemented in their own classrooms related to mathematical discourse. Shannon Olson Recording Link LINK
Prepare Resources for Remote Learning This session will help educators learn how to get up and running for remote learning with the iPad. We’ll explore ways to access school resources and find apps that support remote learning. Tips will include using iPad built-in features to scan documents and stay organized, using Markup to annotate teacher materials and student work, getting set up with Voice Memos, and more. Paulo Braganholo   Resources
So... We have new Science Standards for Grades K-5? WE'VE GOT THIS! The Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards were first adopted in 2015 for Grades 6-8 and in 2019 for Grades K-5 and High School. With K-5 implementation of SEEd standards coming next school year (2020-21): What's new? What are the shifts? How do I prepare? What resources are available to help? This session explores the answers to these questions, and more, to support your preparation for science instruction next year. Melissa P Mendenhall Recording Link Link
So... We have new Science Standards in High School? I GOT THIS! The Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards were first adopted in 2015 for grades 6-8 and in 2019 for grade K-5 and high school science. With the first year of high school SEEd standards implementation coming next school year (2020-21): What's new? What are the shifts? How do I prepare? What resources are available to help? Join us as we answer these questions, and more to help you feel more prepared for next school year. YOU GOT THIS! Ricky Scott Session Recording Link
Sparking curiosity and creativity with Genius Hour In this session, we will introduce Genius Hour (allowing students to research what they are interested in and give strategies to successfully implement Genius Hour in the classroom Jared Fawson    
STEM in Motion - Basic Coding for the Classroom Curious about how to use resources like or Feel like you need a crash course in how programming works? Do you wonder how to integrate it into your classroom? The STEM in Motion team will be running a hands-on, basic programming class that you can follow along with on your computer. We'll also be discussing the resources that the Utah STEM in Motion team can provide, how to access them, and how to use them to their fullest capabilities! Julienne Bailey Session Recordings Resources
Supporting Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 During the New Now Educators have many questions about providing services for students with disabilities during the "New Now" due to the COVID-19 crisis. This session will help educators understand the requirements for serving students who qualify, or may qualify, under Section 504. We will discuss ideas going forward as we develop plans to address equitable access to education for all students. Holly Bell Link to recording PowerPoint is uploaded in Sched
Teaching in 3D with the New Science SEEd Standards The new Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards for elementary and high school will be implemented this fall. Are you ready? Understanding how to identify the three dimensions of science (DCIs, CCCs, and SEPs) as well as how to use anchoring phenomena to facilitate student investigation and learning is key! Join us as I guide you on how to unpack your standards and find incredible resources to help you and your students explore science in engaging and exciting ways! Debbie Morgan Session Recordings LINK
Arts Will Get Us Through This The arts provide a valuable tool for social-emotional learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. This session will explore the potential for the artistic expression of the emotions and the social impact of the pandemic on individuals, families, schools, and communities. Most importantly, the session will emphasize the joy of learning in and through the arts. Cathy Jensen Session Recording Session Resources
The Chameleon Imagine a classroom where teachers and students have harmony, more learning, and less disruption. By giving students tools to understand self- regulation, self- advocacy, and other behaviors, we help them become more successful. Thus allowing teachers less unnecessary distractions and more learning across the board. Brandy Christensen    
Utah Educator Licensing 101: A new system for all The Utah State Board of Education has changed the educator licensing model effective July 1, 2020. The new system is drastically different than the current one with major implications on LEA hiring practices and educator supports. This session will provide materials and a simple explanation of the new licensing system, procedures, and LEA responsibilities. There will be a Q&A portion of this presentation. Malia Hite   Slides