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Art Show Rules & Guidelines

Central Utah Secondary Art Show 
Entry Rules & Guidelines
art show
  • Schools from the CUES Region School Districts (Tintic, Juab, Sevier, North Sanpete, South Sanpete, Piute, and Wayne) are eligible to participate. 
  • Open to any 7th - 12 grade student from one of the above-named school districts.
  • There will be two divisions, 7-9 grade and 10-12 grade.
  • Categories include Digital/Media, Photography, 2D and 3D.
  • Work must be appropriate in nature, so as not to show nudity, inappropriate or suggestive clothing or content, violence, illegal activities, or be offensive to any race or religion. 
  • All work must be completed by the student and the student's original composition.
    • Trademarked logos, slogans, and licensed characters are not permitted in part or whole. 
  • All pieces will need to be entered via this Entry Form AT LEAST three days before the drop-off date. Failure to do so may make the piece ineligible for the show. 
  • Students can enter up to three pieces of work, but not more than two pieces from the same category. Complete one entry form for each submission.
  • Entries need to be dropped off on the date listed below, and ready to be hung/displayed.
  • Students can opt to try to sell their artwork, but no guarantee is made that the piece will be bought. It will be the student's and/or school's responsibility to complete any transactions.  
  • All work must have this information (you'll be forced to make a copy of the document) attached to the back of each art piece.
  • All two-dimensional works:
    • Should be properly framed and ready to hang with a wire hanger.
    • Anything on paper should be matted with glass.
    • Needs to be sturdy and not falling apart.
    • Limit of sizes to 30”x40”
  • All three-dimensional and conceptual work:
    • Should be self-standing or ready to hang, and stable.
    • Limit of sizes to 36”x72”x36”
Note to Faculty Advisors
  • Please facilitate student artwork, framing, and submissions. Arrange to have someone drop off and pick up all art on the dates below.
    • Complete the online entry form for each student's artwork by using this form three days before the drop-off day. This will give us time to print labels
    • Print and attach this form (or the form on the bottom portion of this page) to the back of each piece of artwork.
  • It would be very helpful if you, or your representative, would help hang/display the pieces after dropping them off.
  • Entries will be pre-selected at drop-off - Limit the number of entries to 3 per student, but no more than two from the same category.
  • Students or schools will need to provide any audio/visual technology, cords, adaptors, etc. to accompany such projects.
  • Your school should be represented at the Awards night.
  • Ensure your students are not submitting pieces that are showing nudity or violence, or otherwise offensive. Any inappropriate work will be removed from the show.
  • Art Drop Off: Tuesday, May 7. 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. Sevier County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall, 410 E 200 S, Richfield
  • Exhibition: Wednesday, May 8, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, May 8, 6:00 PM at the Sevier County Fairground
  • Art Pick-Up: Immediately following the Awards Ceremony on May 8.
Judging and Awards
  • Judging will take place after 3:00 PM on the drop-off day.
  • Judges will be selected from community and local artists and will use a standard "student art show judging form" for judging.
  • Art teachers will be emailed by 8:00 AM the following morning if any of their students win.
  • Numerous Awards will be given in both divisions for each of the four categories.
  • A "Best of Show" and the "CUES Purchase Award" will also be selected. 
  • Snow College will award 2 Summer Snow Workshop Scholarships.
  • If possible, the winners (or a representative) should be present at the Awards Ceremony to receive their awards and to take pictures. 
Print and attach this information to the back of the artwork:
Artist name (please print): ____________________________________________________
Title of work:  _______________________________________________________________
Category (2D, 3D, photography, digital/Media) __________________________________
Price (If applicable: __________________________________________________________
Student email: ____________________________________  Phone:___________________
Student Grade Level: ________
Faculty advisor’s (teacher’s) name: ____________________________________________
Faculty email address: _______________________________________________________
School name: ______________________________________ Phone:__________________