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Fall 2023 Professional Development Courses

Fall Online PD Courses taught by CUES

Join us online this fall for any or all of the 6-week courses found below.  These are great "learn today, use tomorrow" courses that can be used for learning content knowledge, growing your Personal Learning Networks, relicensure hours, or even SUU graduate credit (to be used towards lane change).  Earn 1USBE or 1 SUU graduate credit for each course completion.  All courses are free.  Register for courses on the CUES Canvas Catalog page.

Digital dectectivesAbout Developing Digital Detectives

Today’s complex information landscape requires learners of all ages to be Digital Detectives: information sleuths who actively pursue clues to credibility by examining information through multiple lenses.  This course is based on the book "Developing Digital Detectives".  Participants will read the book which is provided in the course, engage in discussions and implement lessons within their classrooms.  

Date:  Sept 7th - Oct 18th



creative classroomAbout Animations in the Creative Classroom

Educational animations can be an effective tool for both enhancing student understanding and demonstrating student learning. In this course, participants will learn how to integrate educational animations in the classroom. The course provides a series of readings, resources, links, and video tutorials that explain what educational animations are, why they are worth considering, and how to create and use them effectively. Animation tools that will be touched on in this course include: Adobe Express, Canva, Google Slides, PowerPoint, Adobe Animate, and Adobe Character Animator. 

Date: Nov 2nd - Dec 14th


Future Classroom

About Designing Future Classrooms

Educational technology is consistently evolving feature of Utah classrooms. In order to effectively use educational technology in our classrooms educators must use current educational models to explore real-world issues with students. This course seeks to explore innovative ways to use technology and curricular models to meet real-world needs. Students will explore various technologies and curricular models with an eye to encouraging students to discover solutions to real-world issues in their communities.  

Date: Nov 2nd - Dec 14th


In addition, the following 4 self-paced online courses are being offered as part of the competency-based Educational Technology Endorsement program.  However, any teacher is available to take these courses at anytime for learning skills and the content knowledge, as well as relicensure hours or graduate credit.  Click here to register for these courses (you will be "registered" for the endorsement, but won't necessarily be in the endorsement program).  For more information about the ETEP, click on this link.  Contact Brandon with any additional concerns or questions about this or any information found on this page.

  • Foundation of Instructional Design and Pedagogy
  • Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy
  • Supporting and Developing 21st-Century Learners
  • Professional Growth and Leadership