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Virtual Reality, Including zSpace (K-12; Multiple subjects)

Introduce your students to Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) by exploring various AR/VR tools and apps.  This Virtual Realty Kit includes:

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  • 3 Merge Cubes
  • Paper Merge Cube templates
  • 1 Virtuali-Tee (augmented reality t-shirt)
  • 4 AR Colouring Books 
  • 3 Interactive books (iExplore Ocean Monsters, Battling Dinosaurs, iScience)
  • AR Animal 4D Flashcards 
  • 2 VR Smartphone Headsets
  • 2 Google Cardboards
  • disruptED AR/VR Starter Kit
  • zSpace

zSpace is an AR/VR desktop providing students with a new way of learning. By bringing together AR and VR, students are provided with a completely immersive learning experience. At a glance, zSpace looks like an ordinary computer. But once the glasses are put on, Space comes to life! How so?

1. Objects on the screen can be pulled into 3D space – A key feature of all AR technologies is that users can manipulate objects away from the screen. In this way, it’s best to think of the objects as holograms that can be picked up and moved around, rotated, sized up or down, or otherwise altered, like changing the object’s color or shape.

2. Objects can be viewed from any angle just by looking around – This is where the VR part comes in. Students can examine every object closely by simply turning their heads around the AR environment. If a student looks at the object from the side by tilting their head, they will see the side of the object.

zSpace inventory list.

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GRADE/SUBJECT: K-12; Multiple subjects