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Space Exploration (K-12; Science, Astronomy)

DESCRIPTION: Explore space and beyond with this kit of various artifacts, books, tools, and resources. These resources will help your student’s introduction to planets, stars, moons,Fis1L8GXkAA92Br galaxies, and spacecraft.


  • Campo Del Cielo iron-nickel Meteorite
  • Diffraction glasses
  • Simulants: Jezero Crater surface dust, Mars surface dirt, Moon surface dust
  • 6-inch globes: Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, the Sun, and the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Flash Cards: Milky Way Galaxy, Jupiter, Galaxies, Nebulae, and Spacecrafts
  • Posters: Solar System sizes, Mass infrared Milky Way, The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, The Cartwheel Galaxy, and the Visual History of Spacesuits
  • Prints/Pictures: Milky Way structure diagram, a page from Galileo’s Siderius Nuncius print, Print of galaxy group Stephan’s Quintet in Pegasus, Various (10) NASA photography postcards, 3x5 Star/Nebula cards (10),  and Telescopic Nebulea Sketches Set (10)
  • Models: Die-cast lunar lander model, 3D printed topographic of Jezero Crater, Space Shuttle Atlantis die-cast model, and Pillars of Creation Crystal model, and 3D model of ETA Carinae (the innermost structure of the Carina Nebula)
  • Books: 100 Things to See in the Night Sky, Mars 37 Pocket Atlas and Almanac, The Miky Way Inside and Out, Our Solar System, Space!, The Planets, Constellations, Galileo, Mars Exploration 1960-2016, and The Story of Mae Jemison
  • “Space Particles” Magazine editions: Mars, NASA, Solar System, Milky Way, Jupiter, Stars, Space, Galaxy, and Nebulae

GRADE/SUBJECT: Any grade or subject.