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Seasons and Moon Phases (4-8; SEEd)

seasons and moon kitDESCRIPTION: This is a simple and fun activity where students utilize models of the Sun, Earth, and Moon and determine why moon phases occur. The hands-on activity will challenge students' common misconceptions by using observation, data collection, analysis, and comparison to allow the students to discover the real reason behind the seasons. Students will work together in small scientific groups to research and collect data and convene with the greater scientific community (classroom) to share data and draw conclusions. Students will 1) measure the amount of direct sunlight at specific locations on the globes; 2) estimate the highest point reached by the Sun and also 3) estimate the number of hours of daylight various parts of the Earth receive at different times of the year.

CONTENTS: These kits consist of two boxes with globes, lights, power strips, moon models, and multimeters. Lesson Plans and a resource DVD are also included. pdfClick here to view the activity book and here for handouts.

OBJECTIVES: After this activity, students will be able to state the order of the moon’s phases from the first quarter moon to the next first quarter moon and demonstrate how the moon’s position relative to Earth creates the phases.