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Patterns and Partnerships (4-8; SEEd, Life Science)

patterns and partnershipsDescription: Our newest bin welcomes you and your students to discover the incredible ecosystems found within Utah’s mountains. This Botany Bin module covers fifth-grade Core and sixth-grade SEEd life-science standards with phenomena-based lesson plans and materials. Through investigation of over 100 represented organisms, students explore the who, when, where, and why of traits, with a special look at canines. Through the lenses of dendrochronology, the Utah mountain ecosystem, the bark beetle outbreak, and forest fire management students analyze data, construct explanations, develop models, engage in arguments based on evidence, and evaluate design solutions based on an understanding of how ecosystems function and change.  Along the way, students learn about scientists, and laypeople, who study these topics and how that science is applied.

Contents: USB with complete lesson plans, handouts and drone footage, binder of printed lesson plans, 108 different specimens, photos from a Fauna and Canine collection, hand lenses, increment borer, increment borer mounting supplies, precipitation and temperature charts, and various data sheets and other charts, twin for web-weaving, multiple handouts and brochures, deck of Natural Inquirer scientist Cards. A complete list of contents can be found here.

GRADE/SUBJECT: 4-8; SEEd, Life Science (5th-grade core; 6th Grade SEEd life-science)