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Heat Transfer (6-12; SEEd)

heat transferDESCRIPTION: This hands-on activity will encourage investigation of the surrounding environment by using observation, data collection, analysis, and comparison to allow the students to understand the difference in how materials gain and lose heat.  Students will work together in small scientific groups to research and collect data and convene with the greater scientific community (classroom) to share data and draw conclusions.
Students will:
  • Measure the temperature of different materials
  • Evaluate and compare the rate of change in temperature between different materials.
  • Communicate the potential impacts of different materials found locally.
CONTENTS: 3-ring binder with lesson plan information and notes, flash drive, 6 250-watt work lamps, 6 8ft extension cords, 2 2.5ft power strips. 2 25ft extension cords, 6 base stands, 12 wooden dowels, 12 infrared thermometers, 6 sample containers, replacement bands and bulbs, bulb thermometers.