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Digging Dinosaurs: Discovering Utah’s Fossils (K-12, Geology, Earth Science)

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DESCRIPTION: This toolbox provides teachers with one-of-a-kind Museum casts of dinosaurs unearthed by Utah paleontologists.


Fossil Specimens:

    • Allosaurus upper jaw bone with teeth
    • Tyrannosaurus rex tooth
    • Utahraptor hand claw
    • Grallator track (footprint)
    • Black bear jaw
    • Elk jaw
    • Coyote jaw
    • Diabloceratops skull frill piece & horn
    • Apatosaurus hip bone with tooth marks
    • Tarbosaurus toe bones
    • Dinosaur egg
    • Modern and fossilized seashell
    • Modern and petrified wood
    • DK Eyewitness: Fossil by Dr. Paul Taylor
    • DK Eyewitness: Dinosaur (with CD & Poster) by David Lambert
    • Bones Rock! by Peter Larson & Kristin Donnan
    • Dinosaurs of Utah by Pat Bagley
    • Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki
Other materials:
    • DVD—A Fossil’s Journey
    • NHMU
    • Measuring Tapes (5)
    • Hand Lenses (5)
    • Laminated Dino Fact Cards (for each dinosaur fossil cast in crate) (8)
    • Laminated Deep Time Maps – World and Utah (23)
    • Meet the NHMU Paleontologists (2 bios)
    • Utah’s Newest Dinosaur Discoveries (articles & photos)
    • Rules for Collecting Fossils in Utah
    • Utah in the Age of the Dinosaurs
    • Where to see fossils in Utah – Utah Museums
    • Quarries
    • Tracksites
    • List of good websites
    • Care of Fossil Casts Sheet
Click pdfhere for the complete inventory list.

GRADE/SUBJECT: K-8; Geology, Earth Science