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Utah's Fossil Past (K-12; SEEd)

Fossils pastDESCRIPTION: Explore Utah’s prehistoric past using the specimens in this Toolbox!  Discover the characteristic that make something a fossil, compare and contrast trace and mineral replacement fossils, and understand the process of fossil discovery by excavating and mapping a mock dig site.  The Teaching Toolbox includes relevant curriculum for all grades that are tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.  

CONTENTS: Fossils: Fossilized sand dollar (Jurassic), Modern sand dollar, Trilobite (Devonian), Modern wood slice, Petrified wood, Allosaurus claw (Jurassic), Modern cougar claw, Tyrannosaurus rex tooth (Cretaceous), Modern bear tooth, Fossilized clam, Modern clam, Fossilized leaf (Eocene), Modern leaf, Modern scat, Fossilized scat, Fossilized shark tooth (Miocene), Modern shark tooth, Trilobite (Devonian), Fossilized shell cluster, Fossilized fish (Eocene), Shell impression, Fern positive and negative (Eocene), Ammonite (Jurassic), Ammonite half (Cretaceous), Carnotaurus footprint (Cretaceous), Utahceratops beak (Cretaceous), Mammoth tooth (Pleistocene),  Bivalve shell fossil, Petrified wood, Dinosaur bone, Fossilized coral, and a Fossilized sea urchin. Books: Fossils, Eyewitness Books; Paleogeography of North America; Dinosaurs of Utah and Dino Destinations, Bagley/ Wharton; Dinosaur, DK/ Google.  Other: 10 hand lenses, 10 rulers, and a geologic time scale poster.