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120 - CUES APPEL Program Policy


CUES LEAs/Charter provides an Alternate Pathway to Professional Educator Licensure (APPEL) program for instructional employees. Our APPEL program is an Educator Preparation Program as defined by the Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules  R277-303: Educator Preparation Programs. CUES APPEL program is approved through the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) with support from the USBE Educator Licensing Team.

Admission Requirement:

Potential APPEL Candidate Will be enrolled into CUES APPEL Programs on the following criteria:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s Degree to apply as an AEL and/or be assigned as an LEA Specific License and be making progress to become and AEL
  2. Employed at one of CUES LEAs/Charter Schools
  3. Be a current instructional staff member.
    1. Instruction time must be used to fulfill all requirements of the APPEL program.
  4. The candidate will complete the CUES APPEL EPP and courses arranged through CUES. If the candidate enrolls in a university masters program the program they are enrolled in will complete the individual disposition, clinical, and pedagogical performance assessment.


Each APPEL Candidate will have the following team

  • Mentor Teacher
  • Administrator from school employed
  • APPEL Director
  • Human Resources
  • APPEL Candidate
  • Administrative assistant to document

The team will be adjusted to meet the APPEL Candidates' needs. For Example, a CTE director shall be included, State APPEL Specialist/Other Licensing specialists will be invited to the APPEL meetings as needed to address the specific needs (endorsements, content area,) of the APPEL candidate.

PLP-Professional Learning Plan:

The APPEL Leadership Team shall maintain an APPEL Candidates' position within the program contingent upon measurable progress through the Candidate’s Professional Learning Plan. Progress will be monitored at least twice during the school year with the first meeting held within 60 days of the hire date.

Transcript Reviews:

Upon the APPEL Candidates admission into the APPEL Program, a Transcript review will take place in a reasonable time to assess potential pedagogy or content areas that meet the required APPEL criteria. The APPEL program director will complete the transcript review.

Competency Review:

The pedagogy course will not be waived through competency. The candidate will complete the five courses in the SUU APPEL program, exception will be if the candidate has completed an equivalent university course with a C or better.  Content competencies will be reviewed for teachers when associated with professional experience and or demonstration.


CUES APPEL Program will help LEA licensing coordinators work with APPEL Candidates on the following Licenses:

Overview and Summary/Timeline of Licenses:

  • LEA Specific
  • Associates
  • Professional           

APPEL Program /Licensure:

Steps to LEA Specific

  • Local Board Approved Plan for Teacher LEA Specific License
  • Completes 60 hours of professional learning over three year period
  • Make progress towards professional License

Steps to get Associate’s License (AEL)

  • Create Utah educator Record
  • Complete all USIMS checklist items
  • Complete USBE AEL Modules
  • Meet requirements of holding a Bachelors or be enrolled in a university EPP
  • Submit Transcripts
  • Praxis or complete Elementary Content Competencies - Elementary
  • Submit AEL Application

Associate Endorsement

Steps to get Professional License (PEL)

  • Pedagogy
  • Disposition
  • Clinical
  • PPAT
  • Evaluations
  • Content and Methods
  • Professional License Recommendation


An orientation on completing the PPAT process will be given to all APPEL Candidates in the CUES region.

Recommendation for Licensure:

APPEL Teams shall hold an APPEL licensing conference when the APPEL Candidate has met all the outline goals in their PLP plan. The APPEL Team shall review the PLP plan and verify the Candidate has met all requirements. The APPEL Director will accept and ratify the recommendation of the team if all criteria is complete and will submit the candidates completed PLP to USBE licensing recommending the teacher receive their professional license.