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118 - Employee Supervision and Performance Evaluations

Although the director is assigned and has direct supervisory responsibilities for all employees at CUES a key indicator of their job performance must be determined through appropriate feedback from the curriculum, technology, and administrative personnel they serve throughout the service region. This feedback is necessary due to the service nature of CUES jobs and the diverse needs of individual schools and educators. This critical feedback and analysis of job performance, therefore, must be a collaborative process between the director, superintendents, and identified district personnel.

CUES employees will be evaluated each year according to the Executive Board’s adopted instruments. In addition to a formal evaluation, all personnel is required to submit yearly goals and objectives to the director by November 1, of the current school year. Evaluations and administrative counseling may occur as often as is deemed necessary.
The evaluation instruments will be used in the evaluation of different positions at CUES according to individual job descriptions and the needs of the center’s school districts. Refer to the Evaluation Instruments manual