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114 - Standards of Conduct

    Ethical and responsible behavior is rightfully demanded of all employees at CUES. It is expected that employees will become familiar with and follow the Utah Employees Ethics Act code 67-16. R477-9, Employee Conduct, of the Human Resource Management Rules which requires employees to:
    1. Fully apply themselves to their assigned duties during their assigned working hours.
    2. Meet standards established in the CUES Policy Manual
    3. Make frugal use of state and local resources.
    4. Observe workplace rules.
    5. Comply with general state administrative policies and rules.

    In fulfilling their obligations to the districts of the CUES Service Region, employees share in the responsibility to improve the educational opportunities for all. As employees fulfill work commitments with each other and the school personnel they serve, they will refrain from commenting unprofessionally about anyone or any activity that is connected with the operation of CUES or the schools served by the center.
    Employees of CUES will protect the rights and dignity of all with whom they associate.

    All personnel shall keep themselves neat, clean, and dressed appropriately for their work assignment.

  3. Speech and Profanity
    Employees of CUES should always conduct themselves appropriately in serving the districts of the center. Actions, behaviors, and speech should exemplify appropriate citizenship and high moral and ethical principles. Specifically, regarding speech, profanity and/or vulgarity are not acceptable in the professional capacities of employees.