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113 - Grievance Procedures

All employees at the CUES are considered at-will and have no expectation of continued employment. An employee can be terminated at any time and for any legal reason. However, to ensure that employee’s concerns are heard, a limited, informal grievance process is available to all employees.

Eligible employees may grieve the following items to the director: promotions, terminations, demotions, suspensions, violation of CUES personnel procedures, equitable benefits, equitable wages, reduction in force, and abandonment of position.

All grievances must be filed within 10 working days after the event giving rise to the grievance or it will be deemed untimely. The employee must submit their grievance in writing to the director who will promptly inform the employee of the scheduled time for a hearing. The director may call a committee of three CUES employees to hear any grievance. The committee will be comprised of personnel from 3 different departments who have no conflict of interest. The committee will make its recommendations to the director. The director will render his/her decision within 10 working days. The decision of the director is final. If the grievance is against the director, the grievance may be directed to the Chair of the Executive Board.