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111 - Work Hours & Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act

    Work hours for employees at CUES shall be 8 hours per day excluding lunch. Within these hours each employee may take two 15 minute breaks, one in the morning and one during the afternoon. Breaks are always contingent upon workload and necessary operations of CUES, they are not an entitlement.

    Hours for part-time employees will be set by the director.

    1. Tasks shall be assigned and wages paid for work completed. During the standard workweek, each employee is professionally responsible for fulfilling the essential elements of his/her job.
      1. Employees may periodically negotiate for flexible starting and quitting times with the director as long as scheduling is consistent with overtime provisions.
      2. Alternative work schedules may be implemented as approved by the director.
      3. Employees are required to be to work on time. Employees who are late, regardless of the reason, should communicate appropriately with the director or office manager and shall make up lost time through the use of accrued leave, leave without pay or, with director approval, adjust their work schedule.

    2. The Central Utah Educational Services policy for overtime is based upon Fair Labor Standards and Practices.
      1. The director may approve any Fair Labor Standards and Practices non-exempt employees to work overtime based upon rules and procedures that ensure overtime usage is appropriate, efficient and economical. These policies and procedures shall include:
        • Prior supervisory approval for all overtime worked is mandatory.
        • Designated recordkeeping guidelines for all approved overtime worked must be followed.
        • Compensation for approved overtime worked will be given as time off.
        • Employees must use compensatory time as soon as possible after accrual without unduly disrupting CUES operations. An employee may not accrue more than 80 hours of compensatory time. CUES management will arrange for an employee’s use of compensatory time in order to keep balances below this level.

    3. FLSA non-exempt employees may not work more than 40 hours a week without management approval. They shall receive overtime when they actually work more than 40 hours a week. Leave and holiday time taken within the work period shall not count as hours worked when calculating overtime accrual. Hours worked over two or more weeks shall not be averaged out. FLSA non-exempt employees will accrue one and one-half hours of compensatory time for each hour worked over 40 in one week.

    4. FLSA exempt employees may not work more than 80 hours in the bi-monthly pay period without management approval. They shall accrue compensatory time when they actually work more than 80 hours in a work period. Leave and holiday time taken within the work period may not count as hours worked when calculating compensatory time. CUES shall compensate FLSA exempt employees who work overtime by giving them time off. For each hour of overtime worked, an FLSA exempt employee shall accrue an hour of compensatory time.
      1. Non-exempt employees shall sign a prior overtime agreement that authorizes management to compensate them for approved overtime worked by taking time off in accordance with the following:
        • CUES overtime policy will be given to each employee.
        • Any compensatory time earned by an employee is not an entitlement, a benefit, nor a vested right.
        • Compensatory time earned by employees shall lapse at the end of the Central Utah Educational Services annual fiscal year, June 30.
        • Any compensatory time earned by an employee shall lapse when they transfer to another agency, terminate, retire or otherwise do not return to work before the end of the overtime year.

    5. Compensatory Time
      1. Employees shall arrange with management to schedule the use of compensatory time as soon as possible without undue interruption of programs or operations of the Central Utah Educational Services.

    6. Reporting of Time
      1. FLSA non-exempt employees must submit any approved overtime accrued on a weekly timesheet. All hours must be recorded in order to claim time. Completion of the tracking sheet is at CUES discretion when no overtime is worked during a 40 hour week. Working unauthorized overtime may be subject to disciplinary action.

    7. Commuting and Travel Time
      1. Normal commuting time from home to work and back shall not count toward hours worked.
      2. The time employees spend traveling from one job site to another during the normal work schedule shall count toward hours worked.
      3. Time employees spend traveling to a special assignment such as meeting, conferences, etc, shall count toward hours worked except mealtime.
Central Utah Educational Services
Non-Exempt Employee Overtime Agreement


I authorize the management of the Central Utah Educational Services to compensate me for any approved overtime hours worked through the use of accrued compensatory time. For each hour of approved overtime worked I will accrue time and one half of compensatory time. I understand that said time shall be taken in accordance with CUES adopted Overtime Policies and Procedures.


Signed _________________________