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107 - Benefits

    1. Health: All employee insurance coverage’s provided by CUES fall under the policies and procedures of its district fiscal agent, Sevier School District. For full-time employees and their legal dependents up to age 26, insurance coverage includes a group health insurance plan with premiums shared between the employee and CUES. A term life insurance policy is provided for employees that work 37.5 or more hours a week.
    2. Disability: Long-term disability insurance is available and premiums are covered by CUES. Temporary full-time employees (up to four months) will not be eligible for insurance benefits. If an employee is approved for long term disability and desires to continue with PEHP insurance coverage it will be the sole responsibility of the employee pay premiums directly to PEHP.
    3. If there is a change in the employee’s employment status insurance eligibility will be evaluated. For purposes of determining whether or not an employee has become permanently or partially disabled, the guidelines as established by the PEHP Insurance Association shall govern.
    4. Workers Compensation: Employees are covered by a worker’s compensation insurance plan. Employees cannot receive “sick pay”, due to industrial accidents and also collect salary for lost work time from the worker’s compensation plan. There will be no “double-dipping.”
    5. Liability: Each employee is covered by the insurance coverage of CUES for actions of liability related to their performance in their job classification.

  2. LEAVE
    1. LEAVE
      1. Employees who have over 120 days of accrued leave as of June 15, 2014, will be allowed to keep that balance which will be paid out according to Sevier’s school district policy 2045. Any leave accruals over that balance will be forfeited annually by June 15. Leave will be accrued at 1.2 days per contract month according to individual employment agreements.
      2. Effective July 1, 2014, new leave accruals will be limited to 120 days. Any leave accruals over 120 days will be forfeited annually by June 15. Leave will be accrued at 1.2 days per contract month according to individual employment agreements. CUES employees will follow Sevier School District Leave Policy 2045.

      1. The director has the responsibility for scheduling vacation days so as to keep CUES in operation from July 1 to June 30 of each year.
      2. Any employee who is scheduled to work 11 months or less will not receive a vacation with pay.
      3. The director’s vacation days will be specified in the director’s Employment Agreement and be scheduled contingent upon the Executive Board’s approval.

      To prevent undue hardship on small employers, the FMLA exempts smaller organizations (those with fewer than 50 employees within a 75-mile radius). Currently, CUES falls under this exemption. CUES employees’ familial and medical concerns that would typically be covered by FMLA are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the executive director.

    4. JURY DUTY
      Any employee absent because of jury duty shall receive full pay. Stipends beyond per diem must be returned to CUES.

      The CUES Executive Board affirms its belief that all personnel enjoys the full rights and privileges of residency and citizenship in this State and community, including the rights to serve in such activities as military duty (reserves and National Guard), ambulance duty, fire-fighting duty or in an elected public office. Time away from CUES, up to and including 15 working days, for service in these capacities will be granted without pay; additional days must be approved on an individual basis by the Executive Board. In no case will an employee be paid for those days of leave for which he or she is compensated by another entity.

      Personnel may be allowed to attend conventions and workshops related to their specific assignment if funds permit and if their attendance will enhance the educational offerings or services to the districts in the CUES region. Funds for this purpose must be allocated to the requesting department’s budget. Out-of-state trips for business travel must receive approval by the Executive Board under the CUES travel policy.