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106 - Employee Classification & Compensation

The Executive Board of Directors shall review salaries of CUES employees on a yearly basis and will determine if salary adjustments are to be given based on budgetary information, infusion of new monies given by the legislature, and by surveying increases given by districts in the region. Salary adjustments approved by the board will become effective, July 1st of the new contract year.

  1. Individual employee salaries or hourly wages will be specified in the employment agreements.
  2. All employees shall be paid once a month, on the last banking day of the month. The director shall submit a payroll information report, including hours worked and leave used to the Sevier School District who will, in turn, prepare payroll checks using direct deposit.
  3. The Executive Board will determine the compensation, including salary and benefits, of the director and other personnel at CUES. Employees are considered to be full-time and are eligible for benefits if they work at least 220 days or 1650 hours in a calendar year. The director shall recommend the hiring salary for all part-time and temporary employees and support staff.
  4. Employees who work 29 hours or less per week are considered part-time, and temporary. These employees should have no expectation of continued employment. They are not eligible to use the center’s grievance procedure. They are not eligible for benefits other than Worker’s Compensation and are not eligible for paid sick leave, vacation or holiday leave, insurance, long term disability, or participation in the Utah Retirement System.