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104 - Hiring/Employment

All selection procedures below the level of the director are the primary responsibility of the director and assigned committees with recommendations to be finalized by the Executive Board.

  1. All positions will be announced to the Executive Board of Directors and posted with the Utah State Office of Education, local paper, and Central Utah Educational Services web site. Notice of vacancy will also be given to member districts. 
b. Applications for positions will be made to the CUES Director, 820 North Main, Suite #3, Richfield, Utah 84701.
c. The director shall screen all applications, select preferred candidates for interviews, and make recommendations to the Executive Board of Directors.
d. Formal approval for all employees is the responsibility of the CUES Executive Board. The director may offer a position to the candidate selected through the selection process prior to the formal approval by the Executive Board in a regularly scheduled meeting. Candidates for hire, in accordance with Utah Code (53A-3-410), will be asked to submit fingerprinting and criminal background checks as a condition of employment. No selection or position offer is final until after the official approval of the selection by the CUES Executive Board.
e. CUES shall be considered the employer, and all staff members of the center shall be considered employees. Every effort will be made to maintain high standards of efficiency and operation as well as to provide for the individual welfare of each staff member. It is CUES hope that each employee will accept his or her task with professionalism and dedication realizing that the success of the service center depends on him/her. It is also expected that each employee will realize the great educational importance of the job they perform, understanding that the service provided by them actually affects the lives of many. A pleasant, positive personality, neat appearance, and the ability to "get along" with people is essential because of the many individuals involved in the operation of CUES.