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105 - Employment at Will and Employment Agreements

  1. AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT: Employment relationships between CUES and its employees are on an “At-Will” basis. CUES does not offer tenured or guaranteed employment. Either CUES or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.
    This at-will employment relationship exists regardless of any other written or implied statements or policies contained the CUES Board Policies, Employee Handbook, or any other CUES documents or any verbal statement to the contrary.

    Exceptions to the Employment at Will Policy: 
    No one can enter into any kind of employment relationship or agreement that is contrary to the At-Will Employment Policy unless such relationship or agreement is approved in an open, public board meeting by the majority of board members, be formalized in writing, signed by the CUES Board Chair, and notarized.

  2. EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENTS: Employment Agreements will be in place for all employees in order to clarify specifics about each individual position. Agreements will include:
    • Position Title (which relates to associated job descriptions)
    • Salary/Hourly Rate of Pay
    • Expected work calendar/schedule for the position
    • Any other pay rates and the conditions (e.g. bonuses etc)
    • Eligibility for Benefits (based on the associated job description and/or board policy)
    • Statement of At-Will Nature of Employment
    • Signatures of the Employee and an Authorized Representative of the Employer
The CUES Executive Board of Directors grants to the CUES Director or designee the authority to offer employment agreements subject to final approval by the Board.