• Bee Bot

    Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed specifically for use by young children. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, bee bot floor robot p10405 819905 mediumproblem-solving, and just having fun!

    Directional keys are used to enter up to 40 commands which send Bee-Bot forward, back, left, and right. Pressing the green GO button starts Bee-Bot on its way. Bee-Bot blinks and beeps at the conclusion of each command to allow children to follow Bee-Bot through the program they have entered and then confirms its completion with lights and sound. 

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    Kit number 16064 (includes 5 Bee-Bots)

    RESERVE item #16064

  • Micro:bits

    microbit backThe micro:bit is a stamp-sized circuit board, called a 'microcontroller', in that you write programs on a laptop, tablet or smartphone and copy them over via a cable or Bluetooth to be run.

    These programs can take full advantage of the micro:bit's I/O (input/output) features like a couple of pushbuttons, temperature sensor, tilt sensor, motion sensor, compass, Bluetooth communications, and a small 5 x 5 dot matrix display.

    micro:bit online editor:

    micro:bit MicroPython documentation

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    Kit number 16065 (includes 11 micro:bits)
    RESERVE item #16065
  • Robotics Library

    CUES is pleased to have partnered with the Utah STEM Action Center to provide coding robot kits to our Regional Schools. The available kits include Lego Mindstorms and Micro:Bits (geared for older middle and high school students), Ozobots (elementary and middle age kids), and Bee-Bots (ideal for K-2 students). Robots can be checkout from our "Available Kits" page.  A resource Google Site has been created (and will continue to be updated) where you can find additional information, video tutorials, and instructional tips for each robot. You access this site by clicking here.  Thank you to the STEM Action Center for their generosity!  Find out more about the SAC by visiting their webpage.

    STEM Action Center