We have had several reports regarding users not being able to login to OverDrive.  We have setup OverDrive to utilize a method Google provides to authenticate users.  One of the District Technology Coordinators in the CUES Region contacted Google to determine why the Google Account in their Google Apps Domain wasn't able to log into a Google Service.  Google suggested having each user adjust a setting to allow for "less secure apps" to function.  Below are the instructions for users to fix the login failure to Overdrive if it is Google related.  
  1. Have the teacher, staff member, or student log into their Google account.Google_sign_in.png
  2. Select the My Account setting
  3. Select Sign-in and security
  4. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and turn on "Allow Less Secure Apps"Less_secure_apps.png
  5. Sign out of Google to activate the changes. The user should now be able to log into Overdrive.