zSpace is an AR/VR computer, incorporating the latest user experience technologies to provide students with a new way of learning. By bringing together AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), students are provided with a completely immersive learning experience that is easy to use and easy to build curriculum around. It’s also suitable for students of all ages, from kindergarteners to medical students. This is a totally new way of building and delivering lessons to a classroom. 
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Once users put on the "viewing" glasses Zspace comes to life. How so?

1. Objects on the screen can be pulled into 3D space – A key feature of all AR technologies is that users can manipulate objects away from the screen. In this way, it’s best to think of the objects as holograms that can be picked up and moved around, rotated, sized up or down or otherwise altered, like changing the object’s color or shape. The object isn’t really there, of course, but users can interact with it as if it was, making for a novel learning experience that encourages students to think and explore.

2. Objects can be viewed from any angle just by looking around – This is where the VR part comes in. Students can examine every object closely by simply turning their head around the AR environment. If a student looks at the object from the side by tilting their head, they will see the side of the object, faithfully represented as if it existed in the real world. Students can get a closer look at any angle by manipulating the object with their hands and getting a better angle.

zSpace also simulates the perception of depth, another hallmark of AR and VR technologies. With depth, objects look much like they would in real 3D space, and this illusion further drives student engagement.

3. The provided control peripherals allow for natural movements – The AR and VR experience is shattered if students are forced to use clunky controls in manipulating the environment. Fortunately, the provided stylus is designed for maximum intuitiveness. Most students won’t even have to apply effort in using the stylus after their first session. It becomes part of the user’s hand.
Though the zSpace machine is best optimized for 1-4 students using at a time (one student wearing the viewing glasses on the others wearing 3D glasses), the CUES zSpace machine has zView installed, which allows you to project what is on the computer screen to an outside source- with the images being viewed as augmented reality with no special glasses to be seen.
Kit number: 16063